CreativeCom was the first venture founded by our visionary advertising leader, filmmaker, storyteller, and award-winning creative director Ehmer Kirmani after leaving Grey Worldwide in 2005.

He believes in the power of ideas to create positive and meaningful change to shape the world that adds value to people’s lives. He is known for her collaborative and empowering leadership style and his pivotal role in creating an excellent working culture across the Marcom Network. Under his leadership, our diverse global teams combine and utilize their expertise and skills in action to deliver the best.

During his tenure in global network agencies, he had overseen a business portfolio of leading multinationals & regional brands like Mobilink, Jazz, Toyota, Daihatsu, LU, Danone, Tullo, Capri, Habib, Mayfair, Kolson, Shezan, Berger, Emirates, Philips Morris and many more.

Developing end-to-end strategic partnerships with clients and helping grow their business and brands by working closely with agency’s and brand’s teams on major launches and re-launches, from developing and implementing the creative strategy by translating them into powerful brand stories and ensuring effective execution of campaigns at a 360-degree level.

And the passionate journey of advertising continues with the foundation of Creativecom, where he leads a team of highly skilled strategic and creative global resources while working on brand strategic and creative direction. And together with the team, he delivered successful 360º marketing campaigns while working for regional and international Multi-Billion Revenue Winning Brands.

In 2006, he founded “Media idee,” a brand amplification network to help clients from both advertiser and agency sides unleash the true potential of their brands. Amplifying brand culture across all touch-points from Digital & Social, Activations & Events, Retail & Shopper, Sports & Performance, Gaming & VR, and Branded Entertainment Content & Shows to create ideal experiential journeys that touch lives, inspire ideal behavior to fuel humanity.

In 2013, he brought the Dolphin International Show under the umbrella of Media Idee, who did the event launching, marketing, sponsorship, and event management of the biggest and the largest entertainment event of the decade. Over 350 live performing shows entertaining over 2000 school kids and almost a million people on a scale never attempted or successfully implemented in Pakistan.

However, passion drove him into filmmaking, and, with his prior experience with the best brands in the world, he tapped into the market’s needs – the need to tell great brand stories through the magic of film.

To pursue his filmmaking journey, he moved abroad. He collaborated with award-winning European & Asian directors & storytellers, creatives & art directors, cinematographers & film production teams to work on international production projects.

He gains knowledge, experience & expertise in film direction & storytelling besides attending multiple filmmaking workshops & courses while working abroad for over seven years on numerous brand imagery & transformation projects with his multicultural creative & film productions teams.

He built a worldwide film production network, “MI Films Worldwide,” in 2010 with a multicultural team of highly skilled creative and film production talents from EUROPE, MENA, and ASIA-PACIFIC at MI Films Worldwide. Besides partnering with leading VFX House and Studios that allow him to deliver world-class storytelling and execution to every project, he is leading.

With global exposure and over two decades of working experience with an entire range of the world’s best creative & filmmaking teams, Ehmer’s journey into the creative direction, storytelling and filmmaking has acquired a decisive edge. His expertise predominantly revolves around categories like personal & beauty care, food & beverage, automotive & agriculture and sustainable life & style.

That’s how he transformed himself into a visionary creative director, storytelling, and filmmaker with a creative eye & strategic thinking, which he developed over the years.

Besides giving strategic & creative direction while crafting ideation and developing the advertising campaigns with the team, he is actively involved in storytelling & film productions while working as a film director or creative producer on most projects.

Most of our showreel featured those noteworthy projects that MI Films, our worldwide production network, produced under the leadership of Ehmer Kirmani and the multicultural film productions teams of our network and partners back in UAE, Pakistan, India, Thailand and Turkey.

His passion is always to bring magic to our creations, as he loves to explore, experiment, & execute new techniques & skills. And by pushing the boundaries in the quest to find the perfect capture of visually appealing scenes with the most enticing sound to translate them into captivating stories with brand-inspiring imagery with a cinematic style and approach.

He leads the European Culture Branding teams to work on Brand Purpose, Culture, Manifesto, and Purpose Driven Communications projects. He also brings international brand-building learnings & concepts to help regional brands with culture branding and officially launching A Brand-First Marcom Network, “Brand Culture Network” soon.

That brings a global perspective into the branding process and the best of their worlds into our world as the team has been working across America & Europe with the world’s leading brands & companies.

He has delivered numerous successful 360ºMarketing Campaigns and Brand Imagery Campaigns while working for leading International & Regional Multi-Billions Winning Brands. He has served brands like LU, IFFCO, Tiffany Nestle, Mayfair, Hilal, National, Tapal, Youngs, Shama, Pure Cooking Oil, Dairy Life, Golden Pearl, New Holland Tractor, AlGhazi Tractor, Tara Urea, Novartis, GSK, Sandoz, Roche, ICI Dulux, Popular, Jang Group, The Motor City, Maral Clothing, Forhans, TCS, General Tyre, GTR Tyre, Khyber Tobacco, Philips Morris, PAS and many more.

He believes that my journey of exploring creativity, storytelling and filmmaking keeps going on by taking inspiration from nature, people, relationships, culture, places, foods, books, movies, science, and technology as the key factors that constantly enhance and improve his creative direction & filmmaking skills and expertise, besides acquiring valuable knowledge and developing his innovative spirit while working with the best creative & filmmaking professionals from the advertising, commercial and film industry from both Western & Eastern hemispheres.

With our stories, we have won the Best Global & Regional Awards for leading brands uplifting their imagery. We have grown Multi-Billion Revenue Winning Brands into local and international Icons.

Successful brands are successful cultural stories.

Storytelling Agency of "A Brand-First Marcom Network”
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