Our Edge

Our competitive edge in strategically driven creativity is Ehmer Kirmani, a visionary creative leader storyteller and filmmaker who led the multicultural strategy and creative teams.

With a 20+ year multinational track record of nurturing the world’s leading international and regional brands through creative transformation and perception reshaping, Ehmer crafted inspiring brand imagery with captivating storytelling to win in their respective marketplace.

And together with the agency and client’s marketing teams, he worked on delivering successful 360º marketing campaigns in building some of the most Iconic Multi-Billion Revenue Winning international and regional brands.


Besides giving strategic & creative direction while creating ideation and developing full-fledged advertising campaigns with the team Ehmer Kirmani is the driving force in crafting, directing and producing inspiring brand imagery with captivating storytelling.

With a storyteller’s heart, he knows how to unlock the magic in filmmaking and translate that into a story that people love while working as a film director or executive producer on most projects.

With global exposure and over two decades of working experience with a wide range of the world’s best creative & filmmaking teams, Ehmer’s journey into the creative direction of storytelling and filmmaking has acquired a decisive edge from his creative eye and strategic thinking developed over the years.

Our partner network built “A Brand-First Films Production Agency, “MI Films Worldwide,” in 2009 to empower brands through captivating storytelling and inspiring imagery by taking on board the world’s best film community professionals from the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.

Besides partnering with leading VFX House and Studios that allow us to deliver world-class storytelling and execution to every project, we are leading.

Most of our showreel featured those notable projects that MI Films produced under his leadership and the multicultural films production teams of our network and partners back in UAE, Pakistan, India, Thailand and Turkey.

We have created an excellent working culture across the network; under the visionary leadership of our creative leader & filmmaker, our talented & experienced, highly skilled global creative and film productions teams gel into a single unit to deliver the best.

He knows how to utilize their expertise & skills in action to create magic by executing every project passionately and seamlessly.

His passion is always to bring magic to our creations by exploring, experimenting, and executing new techniques, pushing the boundaries in the quest to find the perfect capture of visually appealing scenes.

Thus, crafting a powerful brand narrative translates into captivating storytelling with epic sound and inspiring brand imagery with a cinematic style and approach to create the real magic in every film we do.

He loves the art of creating food film through epic moving gliding, diving colliding and visually appealing food shots mixed in with images; the epic sounds, movement, and color give the brand a flavor one can almost taste through the screens.

He teams up with world-class specialists in food direction: the best director of photography, the best food stylists, and the best SFX teams and crews. He brings all those food-loving professionals together to produce exquisite food storytelling through high-speed shooting using motion control rigs, models to probes, and Phantom to Robotic Bolt for dynamic product shots in locations or studios.

Our expertise predominantly revolves around categories like personal & beauty care, food & beverage, automotive & agriculture and sustainable life & style.

Captivating Stories, Inspiring Imagery

MI Films Worldwide, our network films production company, gives us the edge to craft, direct & produce captivating brand stories for the world’s leading brands.

Working with global clients & agencies as their imagery & creative productions partner, we create visual identities and inspiring brand imagery with a cinematic style and approach, thus bringing the magic to every film we do.

Storytelling Agency of "A Brand-First Marcom Network”
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